Strippers, bad docs, fish stink: Top insurer cases of '10

Randy Maniloff and his White Williams law partner Joshua A. Mooney are ready with this year's edition of the Ten Most Significan Insurance Decisions. 

But first, they list 20 cases with "high entertainment value," aka "Coverage for Dummies".
These include:

The stinky New York fish restaurant that beat a pollution complaint by citing a Zagat's review that said "the smell alone is worth the price of admission."

The Wisconsin court that ruled "bat guano is not a pollutant."

The South Dakota "exotic dancer" sued for kicking a patron who "groped" her.

The employer given a glowing job reference by the same boss who fired him for being "passed out in the break room" from abusing Valium.

And many more. Read them in Mealey's Litigation Report, or here.