Dish boss: Competing is 'more fun' than Comcast/Verizon-type deal

There are two kinds of giant companies: The kind that makes deals with other giant companies and preserve fat profit margins at customers' expense, and the kind that embraces free market competition.

At least that's what Charlie Ergen, boss at Dish Network, tells Bloomberg News in this article (cited by Todd Juenger of Bernstein & Co. in a report to clients today). Excerpt:

"Dish won’t partner with Verizon, even if it’s “smart business” because the largest U.S. wireless provider struck a deal to market products from rival cable companies, including Philadelphia-based Comcast Corp. and New York-based Time Warner Cable Inc., Ergen said," according to Bloomberg.

“They made peace with cable, and we’re not a peace company,” Ergen added. “It just wouldn’t be any fun.”