Comcast pays 10 to Twitter: report

"Comcast employs 10 people to monitor Twitter, a site where users can post 140-character messages, or “tweets.” The representatives search for keywords 'Comcast' or, occasionally, 'Comcrap' to find customers who mention service complaints they can address, said Frank Eliason, Comcast’s director of digital care," reports Bloomberg here.

This disclosure follows Comcast's progress (up from the bottom) in a big consumer survey. Inquirer story here.

Separately, Wall St Journal says Comcast and the NFL are near a deal, again. The plan "would put the league-owned NFL Network on a widely distributed tier of the country's largest cable operator... Comcast will pay a monthly fee of about 50 cents for the over 10 million subscribers that receive the cable operator's expanded digital basic menu of channels." Sted of current permium surcharge ($8/month.) Story here.

NEW: Comcast says it has a deal today to add for Comcast high-speed Internet users via, while adding ESPNU (e.g. Southeastern Conference games) for viewers in markets where that's a big deal. Statement here.