As wreckers near, Comcast-Spectacor discounts Spectrum bits

Two years after announcing doom for the old hall where Springsteen sang, Moses leapt and only the Lord saved more than Bernie Parent, and three days after the end of its scheduled demolition to make way for sports bars, restaurants and movie screens, Comcast-Spectacor will still be attempting to turn a buck from sports and rock n roll fans who want "Remember the Spectrum" keepsakes for the TV cave back home.

Ed Snider's outfit is offering "Black Friday door-buster specials" at what's now called the Wells Fargo Center next door to the old Spectrum site in South Philly, on Nov. 26, starting at 7 a.m., with early-morning discounts and minor-league hockey-ticket prizes for buyers of Spectrum floorboards, "authentic Spectrum seats," and fan gear, says spokesman Ike Richman.

It's natural for NBA fanatics to want a piece of the wood where Dr. J once pounded the roundball. But hasn't Comcast-Spectacor sold the floor where the Sixers did their thing more than once? "Over the 42 years, there has been more than one court, so yes," Richman acknowledged.