Colliers' Magazine revival

John Elduff, the Berwyn-based owner of JTE Multimedia, publisher of Postgraduate Medicine and other medical-themed magazines, says he's preparing the revival issue of long-dormant Colliers' magazine, which he bought at auction with the old Saturday Review last year for just $2,000, as I reported here.

"We're doing a clean-up of our website before the first mails," Elduff told me. The new Colliers is aimed at senior citizens in doctors' offices, which ought to be good for some drug and 'lifestyle' ads.  It also hopes, he says, to recapture some of the muckraking and serious literary tone of the old publication, which published Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Kipling, Vonnegut, Bradbury, Edward R. Murrow, and many other big 20th Century names, and took credit for helping prod creation of the Food and Drug Administration, before it was suspended in the 1950s. 

The new Colliers promises articles on cholesterol and statins, Medicaid in Florida, American exceptionalism, Norman Mailer's "failed attempt at redemption", and an English translation of French novelist Gilles Leroy's book on Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, among others. Ad rates top at just under $2,000 for a full-cover spread or back cover. Elduff isn't saying much yet about planned circulation or who's writing the new content.