'Colleges of Entrepreneurship'

Can you teach creativity to business students? Can colleges prep graduates to go out on their own, instead of Working for the Man? To be founders, innovators, industry disrupters - in a word popularized by 20th-century economist Joseph Schumpeter, entrepreneurs?

Two schools are trying extra hard.: In Philadelphia, Drexel University last month announced a new college, the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, backed by a $12.5 million gift from the late chairman of Compudyne Corp., a 1936 Drexel engineering graduate.

That followed Peoria, Ill.-based Bradley University's move last fall to set up the Robert and Carolyn Turner School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, backed by $8 million in contributions from Robert Turner, a Bradley accounting grad (1977) and MBA ('78) who runs Berwyn-based Turner Investments. On Jan. 28, Turner was named chairman of Bradley's trustees.

-- From my story in Sunday's Philadelphia Inquirer. Read it all here.