Cloudamize doubles staff, plans more hires

Cloudamize, the Philadelphia cloud-computing analytics developer, says it has nearly doubled employment, to 23 at year-end 2016, from 12 a year earlier, since CEO Bob Moul came on a year ago to run things for founder Khushboo Shah and investors including the start-up millionaires at MissionOG and Gabriel Investments.

"We plan to add 12-15 new heads in 2017 if we hit our growth targets," Moul told me. "New heads are split almost evenly between engineering and sales (and) support." Cloudamize also says its sales (which it won't detail) and its customer count more than tripled in fiscal 2016.

"We now have the industry’s most comprehensive analytics and automation solution – supporting all phases of the cloud journey and for all three major pubic clouds," Moul says. The firm claims to have "helped clients (which have prevoiusly included ESPN and Zynga) realize in excess of $75 million in savings."

Platform enhancements include:

-- the Migrate module, "which enables customers to import the migration plan built in Cloudamize into existing migration tools, so they can move their workloads with speed and accuracy to AWS (Cloudamize is an Advanced Partner), Azure, and/or the Google Cloud Platform (Preferred Vendor);"

-- the Validate module, "which ensures that migrated application connections are operating in the cloud as they should be and recommends how to address any issues that arise;"

-- "multi-tier dependency mapping, intelligent move groups, application classification, and project management capabilities" to speed and streamline "large-scale enterprise migrations to the cloud."