Ex-Berkshire brokers start new agency

Thomas Katona, a veteran insurance-software consultant who started professional-liability insurance agency Apogee Insurance Group in 2003 and sold it to Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway five years later, has left his post as president of Apogee to start Agentic Insurance LLC, which will focus on the "complex risk" end of the market, insuring engineers, architects, and non-physician health professionals in Pennsylvania and the New York and Washington areas, Katona told me.

Apogee is in Wayne, Agnetic in King of Prussia. Katona is joined in the new venture by Michael C. Peck, who was Apogee's Senior Account Manager. Katona says Agentic  will focus on "complex risk." He said Apogee doubled in volume and eventually employed 25 during the years he ran it for Berkshire.