Berwyn publisher to revive Collier's, Saturday Review mags

John Elduff, boss at JTE Multimedia, the Berwyn-based publisher of Postgraduate Medicine, The Physician and Sportsmedicine, and Hospital Practice magazines, tells me he plans to revive the shuttered Collier's and Saturday Review magazines after purchasing the Collier's title for a reported $2,000 in an auction last week.

The magazines will be published both in print and online, Elduff says. "We are mostly doing print, for Americans (aged) 55 to 90." 

The two magazines "will have a liberal share of attention to research," Elduff added. He said they will look like they did in the 1950s when they rivaled the old Curtis Publishing Co.'s Philadelphia-based Saturday Evening Post for a mass middle-class audience.

Collier's, which began life as a muckraking investigative review in the 1880s, closed in the 1950s. The Review, originally a supplement to the New York Post, was edited in its 1920s heyday by Wilmington native Henry Seidel Canby, and lingered into the 1980s.

The Saturday Evening Post, which featured minor-league fiction by major league authors and popular illustrations by Norman Rockwell, has also been revived, by an Indiana company that targets seniors.