AstraZeneca moving 1,200 research jobs out of Wilmington

UPDATE: AstraZeneca statement re Wilmington: "With the exit of the Global Medicines Development group and the relocation of global marketing and US specialty care commercial roles, about 1,200 roles will leave Wilmington. There will be a net increase of approximately 300 roles in Gaithersburg. The changes announced today will lead to an estimated overall reduction of about 650 positions in the US; while around 170 will relocate to other AstraZeneca sites in the US or overseas. Wilmington will remain the North America commercial headquarters, with a population of about 2,000 at the AstraZeneca site." More here.

EARLIER: Drugmaker AstraZeneca will move another 1,200 research jobs out of its U.S. headquarters in the former ICI/Atlas Powder Co./Rollins Tower complex, at Fairfax north of Wilmington, Del., on U.S. 202. About half will be moved to the former MedImmune headquarters in Gaithersburg, Md., or other sites, the company said today. The rest are being eliminated.

Some 2,000 headquarters jobs will remain in Wilmington, down from 5,400 at the site in 2005. In the early 2000s the administratation of then-Gov. Tom Carper (now U.S. Sen., D-Del.) agreed to move a pair of roads to accomodate the company's headquarrters nad research center when it moved south from Chester County. AstraZeneca is among the giant drug companies that has cut jobs as the drug industry has become less profitable in recent years. Bloomberg story here.