600 new homes proposed for Philly waterfront

(Note correction on Point 2)

Philadelphia City Planning Commission will meet Tuesday June 12, 1 pm, upstairs at 1515 Arch St. Agenda here. Among the projects the planners will look at, three Delaware River waterfront housing proposals (apartments, most likely):

1) At 230-250 North Christopher Columubus Blvd.: a 180-unit residential development with ground-floor stores/restaurants. Builders' lawyer Carl Primavera will represent developer Louis Cicalese of Ensemble Real Estate.

2) At Pier 40 North, 933 N. Penn St.: a 200-unit residential development, to be presented on an "information only" (no vote) basis by architect Ian Cope of Cope & Linder. (An earlier version of the item wrongly said there'd also be "no questions" from the public, but Planning's Gary Jastrzab assures me questions will be entertained.)

3) At Piers 34-35 South, 735 South Christopher Columbus Boulevard: a 202-unit residential development, also presented by architect Ian Cope of Cope & Linder.