$237M: Top-paid U.S. CEO is Bucknell grad Marc Lore, leading Walmart.com vs. ex-partner Amazon

FILE - In this Monday, May 2, 2016, file photo, Jet.com CEO Marc Lore speaks during an interview in Hoboken, N.J.

Marc Lore, the Bucknell University grad who sold his Jet.com to Walmart last year and now leads Walmart's online-sales efforts against Amazon.com (which bought Lore's previous company, Diapers.com/Quidsi), was the top-paid U.S. CEO last year, Bloomberg reports.

Lore's take-home pay includes his share of the first installments of the $3.6 billion Walmart paid him and his investors (Philadelphia-based Mentor Tech, Google Ventures, Fidelity, and others) for Jet.com, his Jersey City-based online-commerce firm, which included a warehouse in Swedesboro

Other high-paid bosses — the top 10 earned more than $75 million each — included: Apple chief Tim Cook ($150M); John Weinberg, the ex-Goldman Sachs-er who heads investment bankers Evercore Partners ($124M); Alphabet/Google boss Sundar Pinchai ($107M); and Elon Musk, who paid himself $100 million as head of the much-publicized-but-not-yet-profitable electric-car and energy-development firm Tesla Inc.

Bosses at IBM, Caesars, Viacom, CBS, and Mario Gabelli's Gamco mutual funds round out the list. Read it here.