USS Forrestal, giant carrier docked in Philly, scrapped for 1 cent

The decommissioned aircraft carrier Ex-USS Forrestal (AVT 59) departs Naval Station Newport for a three-day cruise to Philadelphia. The first of the supercarriers, Forrestal was commissioned Sept. 29, 1955, and was in service for more than 38 years. (U.S. Navy photo by Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Melissa F. Weatherspoon)

The USS Forrestal, the 1,000-foot 'Supercarrier' that carried 85 Navy jets for missions in Asia and Europe, and was based at Philadelphia in the 1980s, has been sold to scrapyard operator All Star Metals, Brownsville, Texas -- the Navy is paying All Star one cent to do the job -- since the cost of dismantling the useless hulk, and, presumably, rendering its insulators non-toxic, was nearly as great as any remaining value once it's torn apart, reports the Navy here. (The Navy is paying the company to tow it away; earlier versions had that backwards).

The Forrestal, which cost more than $200 million in 1955 dollars to build at Newport News Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., is expected to be towed south from its mothball berth in the Navy's inactive-ship basin at the Philadelphia Navy Yard before the end of the year, the Navy says.