Weed wackers?

I obtained a copy of the University Police log that summarizes what occurred at Nittany Apartments last night. There is still no confirmation that what occurred involved any of the players on the football team. Plus, there have been no charges pressed. Nevertheless, here's the summary:

Drug Law Violation

"At 2219 hours, as the result of investigating a report of loud music in the Nittany Apartments complex, the odor of burning marijuana was detected coming from inside of one of the buildings. The residents of the apartment declined a consent search and a search warrant was applied for and executed on the residence. The search yielded a small amount of marijuana. Charges to be filed."

Team spokeman Jeff Nelson said that the athletic department is looking into the situation.

The Centre Daily Times just reported that Penn State police showed up at the residence because of loud music, according to Lt. Bill Moerschbacher. A small amount of marijuana was found and seized, along with several other articles. He would not say who the suspects were or if any arrests will be made. More than likely, citations will be sent via the mail, Moerschbacher said.

Here is some more information from the Daily Collegian.