They don't come for Joe

With national signing day tomorrow, I figured I'd check with recruits to see if Joe Paterno or his three-year contract extension had anything to do with their signing with Penn State. I did not. That's not really news. But in light of comments made by Paterno that the contract was announced to help recruiting, I can't help but think otherwise. Sure, it had to play some part. I'm starting to think it had more to do with Paterno and his people wanting the extension for the 82-year-old's own state of mind. Joe likes to play it cool as if he if he's above such nonsense. I doubt it. He wanted some security and as recruit Eric Shrive said, "To make people leave him alone."

I don't plan on leaving him alone. That contract, with its 'both sides can shorten the deal" clause, is as flimsy as Penn State's schedule next season.