Spanier update

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. -- Because, of course, I had to ask Graham Spanier myself, the university president responded to an e-mail I sent earlier this morning. Here were my two questions:

1. What do you think of the punishments handed down by Joe Paterno after several players were linked to the marijuana investigation at Nittany Apartments?

2. Are you worried about the overall perception of your football program after this latest incident?

Here was his response, the same as the one he gave to ESPN yesterday, but with an additional statement:

"I support Coach Paterno’s disciplinary actions with the members of the football team who not only broke team rules but also violated the expectations that Penn State has for its student athletes. Character and social responsibility are important values at Penn State that we will continue to emphasize. We continue to emphasize to our student athletes the importance of their citizenship and I regret very much behaviors that could cast our program in a negative light."