Rose Bowl halftime update

PASADENA, Calif. --

1. Looks like this might not be the defensive slugfest everyone imagined. USC needed just six plays and 2:37 to go back ahead. Quarterback Mark Sanchez was sharp during the scoring drive, passing for 76 yards on 4 of 4 passing. He finished off the 80-yard possession with a six-yard run up the middle. USC, 14-7.

2. May I second guess Penn State here? The Lions had third-and-one on their own 28 and elected to go to running back Stephfon Green who was dropped for no gain. First off, it was more like a half yard and I can't imagine quarterback Daryll Clark couldn't fall 5 feet forward. Second, Green has not been very good this season on third-and-short downs.

3. As expected, the Lions secondary is having a lot of problems covering USC's taller receivers. The Trojans padded their lead with a 30-yard David Buehler field goal. USC, 17-7.

4. The Lions once again came up short and on third and, well, short. The play-calling has been dubious at times.

5. This bears repeating: Penn State's secondary cannot cover USC's receivers and Sanchez has been right on target for most of the half. He hit Ronald Johnson for a 19-yard touchdown and the Trojans are on the cusp of turning this one into a laugher. USC, 24-7.

6. It is now officially a laugher. Penn State looks sloppy. Penalties. Turnovers. After a long run on a screen, Stephfon Green fumbled the ball after a Carry Harris hit. The Trojans took the turnover and scored five plays later when Sanchez flipped a screen to C.J. Gable, who tiptoed 20 yards for the score. The Lions did not come ready to play. USC, 31-7.