Go Phils! Oops ...

If you could, allow me a moment to rejoice in the championship of the one team I allow myself to care for -- GO PHILS!! OK, now back to our regularly scheduled Penn State football update. By the way, it's going to be interesting to see how the Lions' success -- should they get past Michigan and Ohio State -- will be adopted by this fair city after the Phils win the World Series.

If Penn State does run the table, it won't be because the team isn't loose. Offensive linemen A.Q. Shipley and Rich Ohrnberger have made sure of that. They pulled off a prank last week on several unsuspecting reporters and it had the desired affect propelling the Lions past Wisconsin last Saturday. It helps that the two linemen and their mates have some credibility. The offensive line has been a juggernaut this season, opening holes for a dominating run game and protecting its quarterbacks.

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