Penn State-Iowa pre-game notes

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Here's some information and a few observations before Penn State and Iowa kick it off here at Kinnick Stadium in about 1 1/2 hours.

1. It's wiiiiinnnndddyyyyyyy here. There must have been 25-30 m.p.h. gusts as I was walking into stadium. Looking down on the field the flags atop the field goals are swirling all around. But there's smoke coming out of the top of a building and its moving from the north end zone to the south. The temperature is around 35 degrees and its flurrying here and there. We'll see what's it's like come game time.

2. The field looks in fine condition, but I wasn't down on the grass. Penn State's players and a few coaches just came out in their suits to check out the surface. I think every player was wearing headphones.

3. I got a look at Daryll Clark at the team hotel a few hours ago and the junior quarterback looked ready to go. He was nattily dressed in a pinstripe suit and walked outside briefly to check the weather. Clark suffered a concussion two weeks ago against Ohio State that knocked him out of the game. He's been cleared to play by doctors.

4. Coach Joe Paterno will be up in the coaches' box again. This will be the fifth straight game that Paterno hasn't been down on the field for a game. This is probably one game the 81-year-old isn't upset that he can't be down there. I'm sure the weather would worsen the pain of his injured right leg tenfold. It's looking more and more as if he'll have some sort of procedure to correct what's ailing him after the season ends.

5. There are no surprises on Penn State's travel roster. Five true freshmen made the trip, only one of whom hasn't played yet this season. That would be 6-foot-3, 361-pound Brandon Ware. The defensive tackle has to be at least good enough to make the trip. Coaches have said that they would like to see him get down to the 330-pound range.