Penn State-Syracuse prediction

Is this really a game worthy of an X and O breakdown -- especially with a four-and-half-hour drive to Syracuse still to be tackled? No, it is not.

Syracuse could have the worst team among BCS programs. And I feel a little dirty saying that since there are so many Philadelphia-area products that have played and still play for the Orange. West Catholic's Curtis Brinkley is one of those guys, and the senior running back appears to be the only bright spot in Syracuse. He may be able to run against Penn State's depleted front four and its experienced linebackers. But I doubt it.

Here are a few predictions, aside from the final tally. Evan Royster will run for over 100 yards for the second straight week. Daryll Clark will further cement his standing as the No. 1 quarterback. Backup Pat Devlin will be under center by the start of the second half. He will have nice game. The defense will not pitch a shutout, but will cause a few turnovers. And after the game, Joe Paterno will say something like, "Ahhhh ... we got a little lucky doing this, that and the other thing. Syracuse got a few bad breaks and the whole bit. But don't go crowning us national champs yet. We still got a long way to go. ... And I don't have the slightest idea when Evans and Koroma will return."

Prediction: Penn State 52, Syracuse 13.