Penn State WR Justin Brown on QB: 'When I know, you'll know.'

Penn State wide receiver Justin Brown said he does not know whether Rob Bolden or Matt McGloin will start at quarterback against Indiana State on Saturday. The depth chart released Monday evening listed the starting quarterback as Bolden “OR” McGloin

"When I know, you'll know,” Brown said in a Tuesday morning teleconference. “You might know before me actually." 

Brown said he doesn’t think it matters when they find out about the starting quarterback because the receivers have caught balls from both of them. They will be ready either way, he said.

Other notes from Tuesday morning player teleconferences:

-Junior defensive tackle Jordan Hill said the team voted on captains on Monday. When Brown was asked if he knew who the captains were, he replied: “I don’t think the captains were announced yet, no.” It sounds as if we should find out this year’s captains very soon.

-Hill said defensive ends Jack Crawford and Eric Latimore have looked good in practice after missing time last year with injuries. Crawford and Latimore are listed as Penn State’s first-team defensive ends. 

-Safety Drew Astorino said safety Nick Sukay is back to 100 percent after a torn pectoral muscle kept him out of the second half of last season. “He’s looking for big things out of himself and we’re looking for big things out of him,” Astorino said.

-Starting tight end Andrew Szczerba, who missed last season with a back injury, said he is excited and nervous for Saturday. “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time,” he said.

-The coaches moved Brown over to slot receiver this season. The 6-foot-3 Brown said it was a little tough transitioning to that position at first, but he is getting used to it and it will create mismatches across the middle. 

-Hill finished last season weighing 318 pounds but has trimmed down. The junior is listed at 297 but said he weights 291 for the first time since his senior year of high school. Penn State’s first-string left defensive tackle said he focused on eating healthier in the offseason and he and Brown performed extra exercises such as pushups and sit-ups at night. Hill has been trying to stay away from cheeseburgers and French fries. “I didn’t have too much of a problem with it because I like a lot of other things,” he said, adding he eats a lot of Subway.

-Penn State will have a two-man punt return system with Brown and junior wide receiver Devon Smith, Brown said.

--Jake Kaplan