No timetable to hire new head football coach

Penn State interim athletic director David M. Joyner says the school has no timetable to name a new head football coach (AP Photo/Penn State University)

No timetable has been set for Penn State to hire a new head football coach after Joe Paterno was fired Nov. 9 amid the child sexual abuse allegations against former assistant Jerry Sandusky. 

"We have a couple of regular-season games left, and with any luck maybe one or two more, and we need to pay attention and for those players to pay attention and the coaches to do what they have to do, their job right now," Joyner said Friday in his introductory press conference.

"Trust me, we understand that this is a very necessary step and at the appropriate time we will act expeditiously."


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The athletic department hopes to have a coach at a time that will enable Penn State to "carry the business of football forward," Joyner said, before adding, "we want to have the right head coach."  Joyner, who was named acting athletic director Wednesday, said he will help pick the new coach. 

Joyner said all who apply for the position would be considered, including interim head coach Tom Bradley.

A healthcare and business consultant and an orthopedic surgeon, as well as a former Penn State football player and wrestler, Joyner suspended his membership on the Board of Trustees, a post he's held since 2000. With him taking over, Mark Sherburne returned to his position as an associate athletic director.

--Jake Kaplan