Joe Paterno abridged

Coach Joe Paterno had his Week 3 teleconference this afternoon and touched on several topics, although he did not give an answer to when the suspended Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma would return to playing. Here's the condensed version with comments from yours truly in parentheses:

1. Paterno didn't give specifics as to who would cover some of the holes along the defensive front. (I'm sure Chris Baker and Phil Taylor would consider coming back to help. They could room with Evans and Koroma.)

2. Coach is going to play it "day by day" in reference to Evans and Koroma. (Not sure what that means. The more Paterno drags this out, the more people are going to question the methodology of his punishments.)

3. There's a movie about Heisman Trophy-winning running back Ernie Davis premiering this Friday in Syracuse. Paterno talked a little bit about coaching against Davis.

4. Paterno confirmed that Daryll Clark and Derrick Williams are fine after getting banged up with minor injuries Saturday.

5. He talked a little bit about the old rivalry between Penn State and Syracuse and the bitter ending when the Lions joined the Big Ten. (I can't seem to understand why the program won't resurrect the series for good. The Orange would fit in well grouped with the Lions' annual Division I-AA foe and Temple)

6. Penn State's practices, some of the easier ones in the country, according to Paterno, won't be scaled down so that the d-line avoids further injury. (I hear they're working on scaling down plans for some players to start their own reggae band, though).

7. He also confirmed what was already plainly obvious -- that linebackers Bani Gbadyu and Navorro Bowman are splitting time fairly evenly. (It's only a matter of time before Bowman takes over the bulk.)