Joe Paterno goes to football practice; Scott Paterno says rumors are not true

Penn State coach Joe Paterno emerged from his house around 2:15 p.m. Tuesday to go to practice. Before getting into a black BMW, the coach said, "I know you guys have a lot of questions. And I was hoping I was going to be able to answer them today. But we’ll try to do it as soon as we can. Can’t do it today."

Paterno then got into the passenger seat of the car as Guido D'Elia, the head of football communications and branding, drove him to the Lasch Football Building. The car was parked in the loading dock of the building, where Paterno presumably entered for practice.

After Paterno left his house, his son Scott spoke to the media once again, saying, "There has been no contact about anything to do with anybody stepping down. That's all we have really at this time."

--Jake Kaplan