Jay Paterno not a candidate for PSU board

Former Penn State quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno said that while he was flattered to have attracted enough support to have his name be placed on the ballot for election to the university’s board of trustees, he is unable to run.

In a post Friday on Twitter, Paterno, son of the late Penn State head football coach, noted that he is ineligible to serve on the board because he had been employed by the university as recently as last month until Bill O'Brien took over as head coach.

Under the board’s bylaws, a person can only become a trustee if he or she has not been employed by Penn State for a total of three years.

Paterno, who never declared himself a candidate, thanked the people who nominated him.

“Serving on Penn State’s Board is a most solemn responsibility,” he said in a statement. “That many of you felt I would be worthy to play such a prominent role in Penn State’s future governance is an honor.

“Although I can neither run nor serve, I look forward to staying engaged with Penn State.”

Paterno encouraged Penn State alumni to get involved in the board elections.

“It is a vital role for alumni of this great institution and only by participation can we make an impact on our most beloved alma mater,” he said.

--Joe Juliano