Evans and Koroma blah blah blah

Are you loyal readers as sick of the Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma drama as I am? Oh brother. Coach Joe Paterno has yet to announce when the pair of suspended players will return to the field (or are they the "previously suspended," since they returned to practice on Monday?). Anyway, the whole situation has played out like an episode of CSI (or at least how I'd image an episode of CSI would play out since I don't watch the show).

Here's this morning's story on the topic. Unfortunately, a good chunk of the story was chopped. Here's what was missing. You can just add it to the bottom of the first item:

There is no standard timeline for this type of investigation, Powers said, adding that Judicial Affairs handled 145 cases involving marijuana in the last year.
“It’s basically calling in students and meeting their schedules,” Powers said.
The typical sanction handed down for a first-time offender with no prior violations of the university’s code of conduct would be “probation with a referral to a mandatory substance abuse program,” Powers wrote in an e-mail.
Over his 43 years as head coach, Paterno has handled disciplinary transgressions on a case-by-case basis. However, he has been fairly consistent in how he handles transitioning a player from his doghouse back into the playhouse. It usually involves a drop down the depth chart, then a slow shift back to said players’ old role.
“I don’t know how far that will go,” linebacker Navorro Bowman said about Evans and Koroma’s return to practice. “We’ll leave that up to Joe. Those guys are good football players and I wouldn’t mind having them back.