Daryll Clark Q&A

Daryll Clark had his weekly conference call with beat reporters this morning. Here's what the Penn State quarterback had to say coming off another lukewarm performance in the Indiana game:

1. After the loss to Iowa and a substandard performance against Indiana, Clark sounded his old self. He was very enthusiastic and very confident about this Saturday's game with Michigan State. "I'm ready," he said. "I've been practicing well this week." (How that translates to the field? We'll see.)

2. He said his mother noticed that he didn't have that glint in his eye that he had earlier in the season. Clark said it might have been as a result of the concussion he suffered against Ohio State.

3. Last season against MSU, Clark was inserted in the "Wildcat" formation for two plays. Quarterback Anthony Morelli split wide and Clark took the direct snap. Both times it was run against the Spartans it failed. Against Iowa this season Derrick Williams took Clark's place and the play was effective. Clark said they're still practicing in the formation and that he wouldn't be surprised if they pulled it out against the Spartans.

4. Clark said there haven't been any major mechanical problems during this lull in his season. They practice on mechanics every week, he said. (I have noticed his footwork on his drop back hasn't been especially sharp.)

5. Clark has gained a reputation for being especially hard on himself. He said it's nothing compared to when he first arrived at Penn State. "I was worse when I first got here," he said.

6. He said that the only thing that could stop the Lions from winning this week is whether their mental approach is off. (I think Javon Ringer might have something to say about that, however.)