Al Golden offers thoughts on Joe Paterno

Former Temple head coach Al Golden, who played for Joe Paterno at Penn State and served as captain of the 1991 team, said Monday he was “forever grateful for the impact” that the coach left on his life.

In a series of comments on Twitter, Golden, who just finished his first season as head coach at Miami, said:

“Walter Payton once said, ‘Always remember that every opportunity you have to meet someone is an opportunity to leave a piece of yourself.’

“Joe Paterno not only fulfilled a promise he made to his father by making an impact, he left an indelible piece of himself.

“The values coach Paterno instilled in each of us fortunate enough to play for or work alongside him will never be diminished.

“They are manifested in our leadership, character, class and dedication to improve the lives of others in the classroom, workforce & community.

“They are distinctly evident in the way we raise our children and the types of husbands and fathers we have grown to be.

“I am forever grateful for the impact that Joseph Vincent Paterno has made on my life and I am not ashamed to say that to Coach and his family …

“… that the way your former players will carry your legacy forward is by humbling improving the lives of those we touch every day. #ThankUJoe!”

Golden was considered one of the leading candidates to succeed Paterno as head coach of Penn State after the firing of the veteran coach, but he remained at Miami.

--Joe Juliano