A vote for change

Joe Paterno has forever been in favor of using a playoff format in deciding a national championship -- and with good reason. Penn State has finished with five undefeated seasons during his 43-year reign. Only once out of those five times has he been awarded a piece of the national title pie. The Lions once again find themselves in the thick of the national title hunt, but for now Penn State is the third wheel, ranked No. 3 behind Alabama and Texas Tech in the latest BCS standings. There's still a way to go, though. The Lions, of course, have to win their three remaining games. And 'bama and TT have harder remaining schedules. Should be fun to watch, nevertheless.

Of course, a playoff would go a long way in settling some of these issues. President-elect Barack Obama actually brought up the idea of a playoff when he was asked two days ago what he would first fix in sports if given the opportunity. I'm not sure if Paterno, a long-time Republican voted for Obama, but I'm fairly sure a playoff is a change he could believe in. Here's this morning's story on the topic.