AP Top 25: Now and Then

Just to put my Associated Press Top 25 into perspective -- and embarrass myself along the way -- here's my list going into the season compared with the final one I sent in last night. Only 14 of my original top 25 made it onto the final top 25. That's more than 50 percent for those of you keeping score at home. I don't imagine I did any better or any worse than most of the other writers. Still, it makes the case that we shouldn't be picking the poll until Week 5.

Preseason             Final
1. Southern Cal     Florida
2. Ohio State        Southern Cal
3. Florida              Texas
4. Oklahoma         Utah
5. Georgia             Oklahoma
6. Clemson            Alabama
7. Missouri            Penn State
8. Auburn              Texas Tech
9. Arizona State     Ohio State
10. West Virginia   TCU
11. Texas Tech      Boise State
12. BYU                Oregon
13. LSU                 Georgia
14. Virginia Tech    Mississippi
15. Tennessee        Virginia Tech
16. Texas               Missouri
17. Pittsburgh         Cincinnati
18. Wisconsin         Iowa
19. South Florida    Oklahoma State
20. Kansas             Oregon State
21. Oregon             Florida State
22. Penn State        West Virginia
23. Fresno State     LSU
24. Alabama           Georgia Tech
25. Illinois               California