This is NOT a bird-watching blog... just seems that way because I haven't posted recently and the last post - bathing birds - has been up here a while.

As the birds and bees do what they do this time of the year, it's not unusual to find yourself unintentionally incurring the wrath of a mother goose nesting in the landscaping in or around some parking lot. Canada geese can get going with some serious honking if you get too close.

That's what I thought was happening when I looked up to see two geese perched on a strip mall roof in Cherry Hill, NJ like a couple of pigeons. They flew off just as I shot a few frames, and the dry cleaner workers inside said they hadn't noticed the big birds before.

I spent the day wondering what would explain their behavior after reading that just a few miles away (as the crow flies) in Audubon, a duck picked the landscaping near the drive-thru lane at a Chick-fil-A to lay her eggs. (Click here for the AP video). I'll have to go back and check in on the rooftop geese this week.