Wings Over the River

I've been known to look kindly on pigeons in my street photography. Sometimes when taking pictures, of say the exterior of a bank building for a business story, I'll wait for one - or a bicycle messenger - to enter the scene before snapping the shutter.

So when I was shooting the USS New Jersey for a story (by Inquirer writer Edward Colimore) on the historic battleship's latest fight - to pay its bills and fend off attempts to move it from Camden to North Jersey.

I and my photo colleagues at the newspaper have photographed "Big J" hundreds of times since BB-62 was moved back to the Delaware River in 1999 (for restoration work in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, where she was born just before WWII).  I just needed an "updated" photo of the ship, which is only open for tours on weekends during the winter. So I couldn't go onboard, and there was nobody around on the cold waterfront that morning but me.

...and the seagulls (kinda like pigeons).