The Hot Outdoors

I was on two "farms" in the past week, and both on really hot and humid days. People who work indoors gripe, and televison and radio weather personalites hype both high and low "real feel" temperatures, but outside, the people I've encountered over the years who work or play outdoors almost never complain about the weather.

That was definitely the case with the the community gardeners at Haverford College which dates back over five decades. These gardeners weren't even angry about being booted out of their peaceful oasis for high-paying customers. As Inquirer writer Kathy Boccella explains in the newspaper today, the garden in getting ready for its final harvest. In 2012 they'll have to pull up stakes so Haverford can rent out the grounds for hospitality tents for the 2013 U.S. Open at nearby Merion Golf Club. 

I also spent another one of the hot mornings this week on my knees in a field - but I felt like I was in Provence, in France. I was photographing bees pollinating blooming rows of purple lavender, for a story by Inquirer garden writer Virginia A. Smith.  For more photos click here.