Sunset in Search of a Foreground

I love sunsets.

But I often feel as though I'm mostly looking at them through my windshield or rear view mirror. I always want desperately to make a picture, and find myself frantically scanning the horizon for something interesting to place in the foreground.

Last night I was leaving an assignment (a neighborhood sewage dispute in NJ) when the storm clouds started breaking up and a real live sunset began to materialize.

I could tell it wasn't going to last too long, so pulled over into a strip mall.

Seeing big sky sunrises and sunsets during drives on open highway in the West, my mind would sometimes wander and I’d wonder if the local photographers had huge galleries of beautiful sunsets behind saguaro cacti, riders on horseback, windmills, old farmhouses, saguaro cactus, grain elevators or bristlecone pines.

Maybe this is just a case of the grass always being greener. I wonder if photographers out in the country wish they could photograph sunsets with fast-food chain neon signs, water towers, razor wire fences, billboards, utility poles, or elevated train lines silhouetted in the foreground?