Skateboarding Science Santa

Q: What is energy of a moving object called?

A: Kinetic energy is energy of motion. It is an expression of the fact that a moving object can do work on anything it hits; it quantifies the amount of work the object could do as a result of its motion.

It's always fun to watch an inspiring teacher. At McDonald-Davis Elementary School in Warminster yesterday, fifth grade math/science teacher Joseph Pisacano climbed on his vintage G&S skateboard to demonstrate science concepts. He told the class he bought it himself in 1976 with paper route earnings.

Pisacano offers he is demonstrating the concepts of the Centennial School District's "Inquiry Based Science Program on Variables & Constants and Landforms & Elevations" along with the math/geometry standards on "Incline Planes, Angles and Circular Measurement in Degrees."

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