Outside Looking In

The downpour started just as I pulled into the driveway of Paulsdale, the Mt. Laurel birthplace of Quaker suffragist Alice Paul. I was early for NJ Gov. Chris Christie's scheduled signing of a funding bill for the New Jersey Historic Trust. It would have made a better photo if the governor were the one walking up to the porch, but you can't have everything. It was done raining by the time he arrived.

Since we all know what the governor looks like by now, I didn't feel the need to photograph him actually signing the bill, or speaking from the podiium. Besides, the room inside the 1880's farmhouse was packed - and probably really hot. So I stayed outside, looking in through the hundred-year-old glass.

I had to laugh, and point out to Tim Larsen, the Chief of Photography on the governor's staff who joined me outside on the porch (he also has many, many photos of the governor speaking at podiums) that if you positioned yourself at various places looking through the old glass you could get a variety of funhouse mirror effects (you'll never see any of those photos as long as I'm a journalist!!!).

Rose Shields, my friend at the Burlington County Times, took this picture of me looking in.