Occupy Jumps the Shark

Cops protecting the entrance to Rittenhouse Square Wednesday morning.

I'm glad November is over. I missed out on a lot, at least photographically speaking, with a week of furlough, another inside filling in as a photo editor, and on vacation for a lot of the rest of the month.

For one thing, I missed most of the Occupy Philadelphia camp at City Hall, which was taken down by police in a choreographed operation early Wednesday morning (the horse photo on the front page Thursday was taken by April Saul).

But, I was there for the protest movement's "Jumping the Shark" moment.

You know, that - according the the Urban Dictionary, is the precise point in time when you know a program, band, actor, politician, or other public figure has taken a turn for the worse…  For Occupy Philly, I think it was when the tourists started showing up.

Just before Halloween, a group on a scavenger hunt posed with 71 year-old Alyce Bowling-Ehrmann outside her tent. They had to get a picture of a "real Philadelphian eating a TastyKake."