Flower Power Among the Cars and Concrete

I covered the "ground breaking" back on a really hot day this past June when the mayor of Cherry Hill and NJ DOT officials stood in a parking lot as road graders cleared the median strip on township's unofficial Main Street, Marlton Pike - Route 70. They were about to plant a whole bunch of flowers on the congested four-lane stretch between Haddonfield Road and I-295.

I drive that very strip a couple times a week, so all summer I've watched the flowers grow and bloom. I started shooting video on them - a visual appreciation of sorts - after the August rains from hurricanes and tropical storms came along and they just exploded. Then South Jersey columnist Kevin Riordan wrote a story on the bipartisan political flower power that made it happen, and the video (below), along with the still photos, had a home. Click here, or on the photo above for the still image gallery.