Bill Iezzi: Haddonfield Hoops Girls' Task

Last night after the Haddonfield girls won the South Jersey Group 2 basketball crown, a man walked by the press table and advised us not to go to the next game. The Bulldogs are scheduled to play Shabazz in the first round of state competition tomorrow (March 10) at Southern Regional High.

What he was really saying was that it will be a blowout. Experts from Northern Jersey rank Shabazz as the No. 1 team in the state.

However, if Haddonfield plays defense the way it against Middle Township Monday night, the 'dogs have a chance.

Senior guard Emily Grabiak held Steph Fowler, Township's star guard, to 1 point. Senior guard Brianna Mulvana held players she was guarding to a total of 3 points. Haddonfield won, 52-40, againstb a team that had held three previous opponents to an average fo 23 points per game.

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