Andy Reid on Juan Castillo: 'I take full responsibility for putting him in that situation'

Eagles coach Andy Reid relied more on the short game against the Giants. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Andy Reid took responsibility for the 22-game experiment of Juan Castillo at defensive coordinator, an outside-the-box hire at the time that backfired to the point of Reid making his first in-season dismissal in his 14 years with the Eagles.

"I put Juan in this situation. Things didn't go as well as I hoped," Reid said. "I take full responsibility for that. I take full responsibility for putting him in that situation."

Reid informed Castillo of the decision on Tuesday morning. He called Castillo in to do it in person, a meeting he said was "one of the toughest things I've had to do." The decision was not colored by any comments from players or recommendations from owner Jeffrey Lurie, and was entirely Reid's decision.


What is Andy Reid’s next move?

"I didn't talk coaches, didn't talk to players, didn't talk to front office, didn't talk to anyone," Reid said. "I made the decision, and I went from there to talk to Jeffrey, and that's where it went. There was nobody else involved. I'll make that clear for you."

Reid thought the Eagles were making progress in the last four games last season and liked the way the Eagles started this season. 

"Then I started seeing some trends coming back that I wasn't really happy about," Reid said. "They were just things that I saw that I didn't want to go in that direction."