Watkins: football wasn't overwhelming

Eagles rookie Danny Watkins is expected to make his first start against the Bills. (David Maialetti/Staff File Photo)

Danny Watkins didn't want to talk to reporters initially today (despite having good news to discuss), but eventually he did, and while he was careful with what he said about football, he said the idea that he was "overwhelmed" by the NFL was taken out of context.

Watkins, from Kelowna, British Columbia and who played at Baylor in college, said the difficult aspect was dealing with the attention he faced as a number one pick, seeing a crush of media at his locker each day and often being recognized by fans as he tried to go about his business. He was not overwhelmed by the NFL, he said.

"The whole situation of coming into camp late, moving to a new city, the media, people were asking me about that and I was a little upset and disappointed that it was taken that way. The football aspect of it, you're learning and it wasn’t absolutely keeping me up at night going crazy overwhelming," Watkins said.

He was careful with his comments today and avoided several questions, but opened up a little about the pressure of being a top draft pick (which in every city includes the media following your every up and down).

"I’m coming to my locker and there were 40 peole standing there everyday. That’s overwhelming," Watkins said. "That's something I'm still getting used to. I'm just a regular guy."

At Baylor, he noted, he only met with the media occasionally after practice.

As for the football side of things, Watkins deferred most questions to his coaches, but he said he's been working hard to learn more and watch film the past four weeks.

"I’ve been coming in early, leaving late, just trying to get better and work away at it," Watkins said.

We'll see if it pays off Sunday.