In response to Whitey's counterpoint column in today's Daily News, this blogger would like to say thanks and well done.

Whitey -- one of columnist Rich Hofmann's nicknames -- wrote an intelligent piece on how Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb can and has rallied his team to victories in the past.

This column came one day after yours truly pointed out that the quarterback has had his share of problems finishing games, especially in comparison to the great Tom Brady and some others. My point was that if McNabb wants to be great rather than very good, he has to finish better. I stand by my point, but agree with my good friend Whitey -- no, really, we are good friends -- that McNabb is quite capable of getting the job done.

You don't get to the Super Bowl and come within four points of winning it if you are not capable of getting the job done.

The one problem I had with Whitey's well-written and researched column was that he used the Tampa Bay loss from two seasons ago as an example of a game the quarterback deserved credit for rallying his team that was botched by the defense. That part is true, but you have to take into account that the only reason the Eagles were behind in the first place was because McNabb had thrown two touchdowns to Tampa Bay cornerback Ronde Barber on a day when the Bucs had about as much chance of getting an offensive touchdown as I do of scoring at a supermodel convention.

Barber, by the way, has just two fewer career TD receptions from McNabb than Freddie Mitchell, but that's another story entirely. McNabb also cost the Eagles points at the end of the first half of that Tampa Bay game when he failed to throw a pass in the end zone and let the clock expire without giving David Akers a chance to kick a field goal.

Anyway, I really want to thank Whitey for giving me something to blog about. Without your column, I had nothing.

P.S. I did link to your story this time.