It was as strange a sight as you'll ever see on Michigan Avenue. On a comfortable cloudy day with a pleasant breeze, the Magnificent Mile was filled with people on both sides of the street when out of blue (or is that green?) came a giant RV detailed to be an Eagle-mobile. Speakers from inside the giant party vehicle blared the Eagles' fight song much to the dismay of the Chicago natives and Bears fans.

One of those street mimes practiced in the art of standing still had a sign in front of him telling his onlookers that he'd move for tips, but he also moved when he saw the bus.

"Boo," the silver man screamed at the bus. "What is that crap? This is Chicago. This is Bears country."

It was quite the scene.

As for the game, the inclination is to look for a low-scoring defensive game like the one the Eagles won last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I don't think it will be that low scoring, however.

The pick: Eagles 24, Bears 16