During an interview on the Eagles' web site last week, coach Andy Reid said he liked his wide receivers, which no doubt drew a collective groan from a lot of fans.

Here's the thing to always remember about Reid: It's always about what he does and never about what he says.

This isn't the first time Reid has said he is happy with his receivers and it won't be the last. That doesn't mean the Eagles aren't going to make a play for another receiver this offseason and Reid has a point. The combination of DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Hank Baskett and Jason Avant isn't bad at all.

Reid's mantra, however, has always been that if he feels the Eagles can get better at a particular position, then they will at least try to do that.

The Eagles obviously didn't think T.J. Houshmanzadeh or any of the other free agent receivers represented enough of an upgrade to pursue.

Two receivers who could eventually be available on the trade market would represent significant upgrades. The one everybody is talking about is Anquan Boldin from the Arizona Cardinals. The other guy is Cleveland's Braylon Edwards. Mike Garafolo from the Newark Star Ledger and Ken Palmer of have both reported that the New York Giants have made trade proposals for Edwards.

If I'm the Eagles, I'd get in on the Edwards action because he has the size and ability to be a difference maker. Yes, he led the league in drops last season, but that was with an awful Cleveland team. Put him on a contending Eagles team and he could have a T.O.-type year. We're talking about 2004 T.O., not the 2005 model.