Vick reflects on holidays; Picks self for MVP

Two years ago, Michael Vick spent his second straight Christmas at Leavenworth Federal Prison in Kansas. The Eagles quarterback was asked on the eve of Christmas to reflect on those dark times in light of the great success he has had on the football field this season.

"I'm just blessed to be here," Vick said Friday. "I spent two Christmases in Kansas and that was by far the toughest thing I ever had to do. I think each and every year I always reflect on that and I think it will always make the holiday season more gratifying."

Vick was also asked what was his favorite Christmas toy that he received as a child.

"By far, the Nintendo," Vick said. "I got that when I was ten years old and I got mine kind of late. My friends had got theirs like two years before. ... When I got it that thing was sacred. It was a good thing because it kept me in the house about two years straight."

Vick's play has generated a lot of talk about a possible MVP award for the Eagles quarterback. Many see Vick and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as the two leading candidates. Vick was asked to pick a winner.

"Why would you ask me that?" he joked.

Well, to put you on the spot.

"If you put me on the spot," Vick said, "I would pick myself."

Vick was also asked to look ahead at a possible NFC championship showdown that would pit the Eagles against the Falcons in Atlanta and Vick against his former team.

"I think it would be a great, storybook ending to close that chapter finally," Vick said. "I think it would also be a great game. It would be fun and competitive on both sides. It would bring the best out of both sides, both teams. That would be awesome. That would be great."


The Eagles announced today that receiver Jason Avant would be the 2010 recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award given out to a player on each NFL team. The award is voted on by the players. Vick won last year.