Vick ordered to stay in PA, according to NBC

Michael Vick has been denied traveling privileges and is not allowed to leave the state of Pennsylvania, according to a report from NBC 10.

He has recently missed two scheduled appearances out of state, one in Baltimore and one in Atlanta, according to the report.

Vick's travel is at the discretion of his probation officer, as it has been since he was released from federal prison a year ago. The latest restriction could affect his ability to play for the Eagles. Vick could, however, be permitted to leave the state for work purposes.

The Eagles had no official response.

In regards to a Yahoo!Sports report that the option of cutting Vick is "absolutely" on the table, per a high-ranking Eagles source, the team maintained its stance that any "report or speculation that suggests the Eagles are considering releasing Vick are not true."

The story comes after one of Vick's co-defendants in his dog-fighting case was shot outside the quarterback's birthday party, June 25. Vick was not considered a suspect in the case, according to police. The local prosecutor has told reporters that Vick was involved in a "confrontation" before the incident but was not involved in the shooting.

An Eagles official has called the use of the word confrontation a "mischaracterization."