Vick is here: The scene

Normally, it takes about, oh, ten seconds to pull into the NovaCare Center and pass through security. Today, not surprisingly, it took about ten minutes. And no, it wasn't because there were protestors lined up outside the Eagles' practice facility railing against the team's signing of convicted dog killer Michael Vick. The back up was caused by the mass of news vans, reporters, photographers and media types awaiting a 9:30 a.m. entry.

The Eagles and their decision to bring the ex-Atlanta Falcons quarterback to Philadelphia is at the center of the city's consciousness, and Philadelphia is at the epicenter of the nation's sporting world. So naturally, the complex here in South Philly is currently being overwhelmed by the media.

Surprisingly, there wasn't one protestor outside the entrance of the NovaCare when I arrived at 9:15 and drove into the lot somtime around 9:40. I'll go down and check in a bit to see if a group of animal-rights protestors have arrived.

Vick, meanwhile, has arrived at the complex, as well as Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. The Eagles have scheduled a 11 a.m. press conference. It'll be interesting to see if any other teammates arrive in support of Vick. He will be made available to the media. Apparently, former Colts coach and Vick advisor Tony Dungy will also be on hand, including someone from the Humane Society.

Check back for more updates.

UPDATE: McNabb was not at the NovaCare complex, at least he wasn't in the auditorium for Vick's introduction. There weren't any players in the auditorium, although several were seen walking in and out of the complex. There wasn't a representative from the Humane Society on the podium to answer questions, either.