Vick feels same way about 'four quarters' comment

Michael Vick wants to start.

He made that abundantly clear following the Eagles' 27-20 loss to the Packers Sunday when the backup came up short in trying to rally his team. After the game, Vick said that he felt that if he played all "four quarters maybe we would have had a chance to win the game."

Some took those comments as a slight against starter Kevin Kolb, who struggled in the first half before he left with a concussion. Vick tried to clarify his statement to two reporters Monday at the NovaCare Complex.

"As a competitor, that's the way I feel," Vick said. "If I was out there for four quarters maybe we'd have a chance to win, I'd have to fight back. Not to take anything away from the offense in the first half and what Kevin did. I was just saying, 'Myself, I believe in myself.' If I'd had been out there who knows what would have happened? But Kevin is going to be fine. He'll do a good job. Sometimes the offense has got to get into a rhythm."

Eagles coach Andy Reid, during his day-after-game press conference, said that Vick's post-game comments were taken out of context.

"He was really saying that he kind of ran out of time there, he wished he had another quarter back and might have pulled that thing out there," Reid said.


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Vick said that he exchanged texts with Kolb after the game.

"I got to call him today," Vick added.

Kolb is to undergo a number of tests this week to determine if he can play the Detroit Lions Sunday. But it is unlikely considering the way concussions are handled in the NFL nowadays.

If he can't go, Vick will earn his first start since December 2006 when he last played for the Atlanta Falcons and his last game before he was incarcerated.

"I just heard it from Marty [Mornhinweg] a second ago that I may have the opportunity to go out and start this week," Vick said. "I'm excited about and just want to go out and get that first win and not miss a beat, keep the offense in rhythm and make the plays that I know I can make and help this team win football games."

Vick should take most of the first-team repetitions in practice at least for the first few days this week as Kolb sits out.

"To any quarterback getting the reps all the week is going to be something that's definitely going to help me in my preparation and as far as my confidence," Vick said.

The Eagles offense under Vick played considerably better than it did in the first half with Kolb under center. Nevertheless, Reid reiterated that Kolb is the "No. 1 quarterback."

"As a competitor anybody wants to start," Vick said. "Kevin's our starter and I'm just here to fill in and win a game or two when we need it."