Vick: Confidence high. Leg? Unclear.

Michael Vick's bruised quad might not be 100 percent yet, but his confidence is fully loaded.

Asked if he needed to adjust his game after the hits he has taken and turnovers he has committed in recent weeks, Vick had a quick response.

"I don't got to do nothing. I’m still going to be me, still going to play my game, still play with confidence, still try to rally the guys around me and make sure they’re focused and in tune," Vick said.

Asked if he feels "100 percent," Vick said "I'm getting there" -- not exactly giving himself a clean bill of health after his rest since Tuesday's game.

Vick will be the most important player on the field Sunday. When he plays his best, the Eagles can beat anyone. But his play has dipped in recent weeks as teams have thrown heavy pressure at him. He has still been the Eagles biggest weapon, and one of the best in the NFL, but, except for eight incredible minutes against the Giants, Vick has not been as dominant as earlier in the year.

He seemed eager for the all-or-nothing game Sunday.

"It’s the post season, win or go home, and that should motivate everybody," Vick said. "Do your job, and if you don’t, you wont be playing next week."

**************'s Super Bowl odds have the Eagles as the fifth most likely playoff team to win the title. They are at 11 to 1, behind the Patriots (2-1), Falcons (11-2), Steelers (11-2) and Saints (10-1). The Ravens Bears and Packers are all listed at 12-1. The Seahawks have the worst odds: 100-1.

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