Vick at the Linc

You're looking Live at my blog.

And I'm looking live at Lincoln Financial Field in what's expected to be an overcrowded press box. There's already a collection of grizzly sportswriters from all around the land in house. The cafeteria is overwhelmed.

Michael Vick is at the Linc for tonight's preseason game against the Jaguars. He's presently out on the field warming up with the other QBs, including Donovan McNabb.

A number of the players from both teams have been taking to the field for warm-ups. Apparently, Vick made it back in time from Newport News, Va. He was there today for a bankruptcy hearing. Apparently, he wants to get out of bankruptcy (Join the club!). No word on how that's going.

I arrived fairly early hoping to avoid the protests, supporters and the various onlookers hoping for some sort of clash between dog lovers and Michael Vick lovers. Instead, the trip was a rather smooth one. I have a feeling the protests/shows of support will be limited.

I walked 100 yards from the lot to the media entrance and saw two Vick shirts on a couple of fine young lads. I can't say I spotted any other No. 7s at the pre-game tailgates. Of course, I arrived two-and-half hours early.

There are cops all over the place. There was a K-9 unit situated on the street across from the West Gate entrance. Some comedian suggested to one of the policeman that maybe it would be wise keep Fido away from the players' entrance. Everyone laughed (not really).

A team spokesman said that Vick will talk at his locker following the game, but the questions will be limited to football-related matters.

Back with more.

Westbrook won't play

Running back Brian Westbrook will warm up and be on the sidelines for tonight's game, but he will not play against the Jaguars. That means the Eagles' No. 1 running back will not play in a preseason game as predicted by Dr. Mark Myerson, the foot specialist who removed two bone spurs from his right ankle in early June.

Westbrook actually has recovered enough, but coach Andy Reid decided to keep perhaps his most valuable offensive player in the sideline protection program on the night Vick makes his Eagles debut.

Jervonte Jackson with Jags

Defensive tackle Jervonte Jackson, the brother of Eagles center Jamaal Jackson, is now on the Jacksonville roster and is in uniform for tonight's game. He had been with the Eagles during training camp at Lehigh University.

Tra's return

Former Eagles tackle Tra Thomas and safety Sean Considine are both playing tonight. Thomas is listed as the Jags' starter at left tackle, but Jacksonville drafted Virginia tackle Eugene Monroe in the first round and he's projected to take over that position in the near future. Thomas was asked by the Jaguars' web site if he'd consider moving to right tackle when Monroe is ready to play left tackle.

"I could do it, if that's what is needed," Thomas said. "It would take a little time. I've been in a left-handed stance my entire career."

 Considine is the Jaguars' starting strong safety.